Zatch Bell! Their element is lighting . Dioga Amugiruk- Grows swords out of his arms. Riddles starts doing this with Zatch. Although small and young, Elly is wise beyond her years and is capable of great strategies while Earth knows of many of the legends of the Mamodo world. (Attack), Barugirudo Zakeruga - Tremendous burst of lightning from above that fries the enemy. Shin Feiruk- Increases flight speed dramatically. Hosokawa was a poor maintance man who discovered the mamodo boy in a freezer and discovered the powers of the book. Ganzu Gikor: Reycom shoots many icesickles from his mouth (video game only), Gishield: Summons an ice shield(video game only), Gikor Garudo: A sharp icesickle springs up from beneath the opponent (video game only), Lagikor Fang: Summons an ice wolf to attack the opponent from underground(video game only), Oruga Gikor: Summons a powerfull twisted icesickle from his palm, Raja Freezudo: Reycom shoots a large blast of frosty air that freezes anything in its path, Booked burn - By Brago and Sherry Belmont. is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Raiku.It was featured in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday between January 2001 and December 2006, concluding with 323 chapters compiled into 33 volumes. (Attack). Mamodo Battles Gameplay Movie 5. His first battle seen is against Riya, who manages to distract him long enough for Zatch's group to escape him. Riya sends back Fango, but is in turn sent back by Zaruchimu, although he stays long enough to see Zaruchimu himself go back. Play as Zeno and Dufort in Story mode. This is an extreme fighting anime so think about it … Riddles are a mamodo team that Zatch and Kiyo encounter just before the Ancient Mamodo are released by Zofis. Faudo is a giant demonic creature made by an unknown wizard in the Mamodo World. For Zatch Bell! Their ability is Breath. Zatch Bell!, known in Japan as Konjiki no Gash!! Zatch Bell! He first makes his presence known to the good Mamodo by shooting down Apollo's plane as it approaches Faudo Tower. Raja Jugaro: Sugino creates a giant flower that launches giant seeds, Barjuron-makes a tree warrior to attack or defend (attack\defence\video game only), Ganzu Jugaro-shoots many seeds from a flower (attck\video game only), Jugaro-a flower shoots 3 seeds at the opponent (attack\video game only), Dio Jugaro-a giant flower releases a poison to attack the enemy (attack\video game only), Book Burned - By Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine (at her request). For Zatch Bell! Reedo Dirasu Zakeruga - Zeno summons a huge circular object with many blades sticking out like a buzzsaw and is controlled by a small lightning bolt like a yo-yo. Note: Fango and Adora were a team Kido and Doctor Riddles wanted to have help fight the Ancient Mamodo. : Mamodo Battles PS2 GC. Amuruk - The mamodo punches using his huge armored fist. Master the controls and combination systems to take out the opposition and collect trading cars to unlock secret Mamodo. Choose from your favorite characters from the show and battle in 18 stages. Eshros claims to be an "elite"; one of the strongest in the tournament, and backs it up by having eight spells to Zatch's three when they fought. (Attack), Gigano Radom - A bigger and more powerful version of Radom. as they battle to become the mighty mamodo king. Mamodo Fury, the US sequel to last year's Mamodo Battles. Zatch Bell! Eventually following Zatch home to Japan, he is regretfully adopted by Kiyo, who immediately can't stand him. Mamodo Battles . Mamodo are Stonger, Faster and have better defense than humans. Zatch's goal is to become a benevolent king who would not force the Mamodo to fight. Go Sorudo: Arth's sword gets charged with energy, Jyan Ji Sorudo: Arth slams a giant energy sword downwards. Zatch proved his strength against Penny, but she is ultimately saved by the stupid actions of Byonko moments before getting blasted by Zatch's Bao Zakeruga, allowing Uri to escape with both of them. Purio (Japanese name: Leopardon Papipurio (レオパルドン・パピプリオ, Reoparudon Papipurio) is a bratty, arrogant eight-year old Mamodo child. A lsem Gadyudon: Fango fires a big blast of fire from his "satellites", Karping Gadyu: Fango shoots a big blast of fire, Uoru Gadyun: Fango shoots a shield of fire from 2 "satellites", Rondo Gadyu: Fango's "satellites" go sideways and shoot fire, Arusemu Gadyuudon: 6 sattelites makes a ring a fire and a giant blast of fire appears, Rioru Gadyuga: Fango shoots two beams of fire via this spell, Dio Gadyuga: Fango summons a great burst of flames toward the opponnent. The mamodo battle it out and the last one standing is the mamodo king. Continuing his own journey, Bari soon faces similar odds against another extremely powerful Mamodo, the dragon Erzadoru. ?, lit.Golden Gash!!) He is one of only two Mamodo who does not swear unquestioned loyalty to Zeno by accepting the Godufa powerup, the other being Cherish. (Attack), Amu Basukarugu: Gyaron's fist transforms into a rocket shape and strikes the opponent. Zegaruga: Powerful beam cannon blast from his mouth. (turning it into a permanent three-leaf clover) Yet Byonko himself is obsessed with the simple matters in life, particularly finding and making new friends. Garazonis - Bari does a 360 degree spin, creating wind. (Attack/Video-Game Only), Geo La Shudoruk - A large horn erupts from the ground under the enemy. It was in Zatch's golden book, but Rein used it (Attack/Manga Only), Book burned by: Purio and Lupa (Zaruchim and Raushin Mo in the anime). They tracked down Wonrei while he was imprisoned in the hideout, intending to eliminate Wonrei without a fight. (Attack), Dioga Gravidon - Generates a large gravity ball that destroys whatever it comes in contact with. [31][32] All the Viz Media home releases of Zatch Bell! The mamodo battle it out and the last one standing is the mamodo king. Zatch Bell! The only way to kill a Mamodo is by REALLY killing them down, or by burning their book with an offensive spell. Play as Zeno and Dufort in Story mode. His only pride was in being the Mamodo of the great Italian idol, known for his trademark of being "Invincible Folgore". : The Complete Seasons 1 & 2", on December 3, 2013, that included the first 100 episodes of the North American edited English dub. (Assist/Video-Game Only), Gigano Shudoruk - Armored Ponygon and Kafk are enveloped in light and Ponygon attacks with great force. Their spells revolve around brute strength. The pair appear first as a team petitioned by Dr. As they battle to become the mighty mamodo king in Zatch Bell! Their abilities are based on wings. Manga only attack, used in the fight with Clear Note's final transformation (before being absorbed into his own spell). Jigadirasu Uruzakeruga: Zeno's strongest spell which summons a massive, winged thunder god. Zatch Bell! Shin Doragornasu Buroa- Fires an immense beam of energy (only appears in Gash's spell book). Zatch returns to the Mamodo world and restores the defeated Mamodos. Ten Zatch Bell! Coral Q and Grubb are the first Mamodo duo to fight against Zatch and Kiyo after the "Milordo-Z" crisis. However, Alvin realized the true evil intentions of the Mamodo who called himself Milordo-Z, choosing either to not help out on Byonko's missions or not wearing his dentures so all of his spells would intentionally be mumbled and not cast. is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Raiku.It was published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday.. (Attack/Video-Game Only), Megar Shudoruk - A flaming star fires plumes of lava around the area. By pretending to quarrel with Zaruchimu during the fight, Fango attempted to catch his oppnents off guard, but his book is torn to shreds by Riya's spell. Zatch Bell! Have fun playing the amazing Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles game for Nintendo GameCube. He later appears as one of the mamodo who assists Zatch when his book turns golden during the battle with Clear Note. Their ability is swords. Although Ted is friendly, he can be set off easily due to his competitive spirit and his desire to fight. Zaruchimu rarely fights, but when he does, he outfits himself with special gauntlets that allow him to project shadows into physical forms. They are the first of the cultists to turn to Zatch's side, after Zatch and Kiyo free the rebellious duo from a cell in the tower. The sheild is so powerful it is able to take Bao Zakuerga and have Bari come out unharmed. (Attack). (Attack), Jibor Emrodon - Kikuropu fires numerous stone spikes from his body, Book Burned - By Sunbeam (to protect Ponygon from further injury). Anime: In the anime, it is Rodeaux who sends back Wonrei. Byonko and Alvin are Zofis' first assistant duo for his Ancient Mamodo alongside Penny. : Mamodo Battles (Game Cube) Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 45 cheat codes and secrets. Gigano Zegar: Powered-up version of Zegar, but fired from the chest. It can also grab the enemy with its mane. Ted and Jido are a physical fighting duo with a unique set of spells. Their abilities involve the manipulation of trees. Their powers are based around Snakes. Zatch Bell! After Zatch is forced to fight against her bad personality, she voluntarily chooses to go back to the Mamodo World to stop herself from hurting any more people. It is then that Reycom discovers the penalty of the attack the hard way, patting his burning book in vain as he faded back to his world. For Zatch Bell! Declaring himself as "Milordo-Z" ("Lord" in the Japanese version), he used these Mamodo in a plan eliminate all of the modern Mamodo, thus freeing him to be king. (Assist), Dima Buruk - Spell which creates numerous strengthened copies of Kanchomé. Mamodo are just like Human Children because in the their world they do the same thing humans do like School, Play in Meadows, and Interacte with one another. Literally growing up over ten months time, Ponygon finally proves himself by defeating Clear's Shin Kuria Seonosu Bādo Rerugo spell, but is soon sent back due to the exhaustion of his abilities in the battle. They are, however, very reluctant to be there; they were shoehorned in by a threat to kill a child by Raushin Mo and kept in line by Riou's curse. (Attack), Oruga Reis - Fires a spiraling beam of purple energy. Bago and Fredoare an evil Mamodo duo from Spain. Their element is laser. However, his true power and intentions are released when his bookkeeper Renji appears alongside him as the two Mamodo returm to the Takamine residence. Zatch Bell! Zatch uses his hand to control the clawed hand and does not lose consciousness. Master the controls and combination systems to take out the opposition and collect trading cars to unlock secret Mamodo. Eventually, Ted tracks Cherish down as a member of the Faudo cult, but by this point she is bound both by the penalties of current tower controller Zeno and his minion Gyaron, forcing her to fight against him against her will. Raja Hyurusen: Byonko blows lots of bubbles, Gigano Nyushield: Byonko makes a slimey shield. Karudio and Sauza appear again during the Faudo crisis, seemingly on the cult's side, but actually attempting to assist Earth and Elly, who they befriended after Elly's disease returned. After unintentionally making it to the King Festival, Lupa decided to exploit Purio into a child star to create a shelter to survive for the remainder of the Mamodo Fight. (Attack). Take a … Zatch Bell! In the anime, Gyaron's powers are different than in the manga. Their specialty is both shields and somewhat weak energy boomerang attacks. After the release of Kanchomé's fourth spell stops his own strongest attack, Buzarai's book is destroyed by Zatch, making him the first of the Faudo cult to be defeated. Koral Q has exaggerated transformation theme music reminiscent of tokusatsu series, and Grubb is a stuck-up individual who believes he is smarter than everyone.Believing in research as just as key in defeating an opponent as spells and abilities, the duo spied on many Mamodo with the use of Coral Q's antenna, including those who fought Milordo-Z (Zofis) in the Debero Ruins. Mamodo Battles takes the Saturday morning anime and fills it with cel-shaded, interactive life. The Mamodos depict a human to be the caster of their spells, reciting the words in … Cherish, freed from Zeno's control, assists Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell … But during the current mamodo battle, a mamodo known as Riou was entrusted with Faudo's control device by his father and created the Faudo Cult. They are then recaptured and forced to help unlock the tower. Kolulu is a kind Mamodo girl who was one of the last children to find her partners. They seek powerful allies to battle Milordo-Z (whom Dr. : D Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zatch defeats Fein when he manages to unlock his third spell, Jikerdor, which magnetizes Fein to a nearby billboard (a water tower in the anime), holding him in place while Zatch burns his book. Fango and Adora are Faudo cultists, with the power of fire. (Assist), Go Shudoruk - Ponygon's powered-up form in which he becomes bigger, stronger, and receives new armor. (Attack), Babiou Gunobio: Summons a group of gigantic snakes that attack accordingly. Their ability is crystals. It takes the form of a lightning dragon, but changes shape as he gets stronger. Jio Renzu Zakeruga - A massive dragon that is similar to Baou Zakeruga. {2005) Konjiki no Gash Bell!! He can survive injuries that would be lethal to other beings (such as being impaled through the chest), regenerate in a cocoon (emerging in a new form, complete with new spells), and fuse with his final spell. She soon returns during the battle against Clear Note by offering use of her new spell "Shin Saifogio", Saisu - Fires a scarlet boomerang that explodes, Seoshi - Makes a huge, protective, shield dome around Tia and Megumi, Ma Seshield - Makes a huge round, pink and gold shield with a winged fan in the center to repel attacks, Giga La Seoshi - Circular barrier that traps opponents and deflects their attacks back at them. The controls are rather responsive, but again, there's not much to them. Dika Poruk - Creates the illusion of a gigantic Kanchomé; the real Kanchomé is his original size and strength. Riya's powers involve his own body which he uses to strech his horn and arms, to give him various physical upgrades, to enlarge himself to protect others even fire lasers from his chest. In america/USA this was the first game in the Zatch Bell/ Knojiki No Gash Bell series Template:Story And Gameplay Every one thousand 100 Mamodo children start to appear all over Earth with their powerful spellbooks and must Team up with a Human Partner who came read the book. Needing assistance to the awakening of Faudo, Riou places his curse upon Nicole, forcing Cherish to fight for him at the risk of her partner's life. "demons") with their book owners (本の持ち主 hon no mochinushi) that participated in the Battle to Determine King of Mamodo World in the current time and a thousand years ago. He originally intened to defeat Clear Note with Gash's help, but he was unfortunatly unable to finish him off with his last breath but incapacitated him for 10 months. Hepburn: Konjiki no Gasshu! Check out an all-out brawl in this clip. Like Zatch, Zeno's ability is the manipulation of lightning. Using his own resolve and feelings, Bari is able to defeat the monsterous opponent but takes massive damage in the process. Momon stays just long enough to see his plan come to fruition; he was a distraction the entire time, intending to keep Rodeaux and Jedun busy until Kiyo awakened. (Defense), Jikerdor - An energy ball that magnetizes an opponent. Ultimately, it is Zatch, the former "weakling" neither he or Tia cared for, who defeats the prideful Mamodo and forces Tia to change her ways about friendship in the heat of battle. In the end, she sacrifices herself and her book while using her shields to protect Zatch and Kiyo during an assault from the Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedoora spell of Clear Note. Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. However, deep within she had her regrets about Sherry and her wealth, creating a deep jealousy she never showed outward to her. Zeruk - Transforms kolulu into a fierce fighter and gives her sharp claws, Zerusen - Kolulu's hands are fired like rockets, Zerurudo:Makes her float and evade attacks (video game only), Jio Ra Zerudo:She puts her hands in the ground and they come up and hit the mamodo (video game only), Zerarusen:Her nails fire at the opponent (video game only), Raja Zerusen:Stronger form of Zerusen (video game only), Shin Raifojio - Casts an aura on both a mamodo and human, protecting them from any harmful effects. After eac… (go figure). Note: This game is also titled Konjiki No Gashbell: Yuujou Tag Battle 2. (Attack), Rashield - Summons a shield in front. (Attack), Baber Gravidon - A gravitational force similar to Ion Gravirei that can cut through solid objects. Most Mamodo don't care about becoming king because of their bond with their human partners or either don't Care one bit about it. When it comes into contact with the enemy, it pulls them inside and electrocutes them. A Mamodo team from Brazil, Pokkeiro and Periko fight Sherry and Brago in the midst of the Amazon jungle. This claim is debatable, however, as Eshros seems to have gained these spells exclusively by destroying buildings. is the best free file hosting. Saikyō no Mamono-tachi, lit. The one who finally is revealed to be Ponygon's partner is Kafk Sunbeam, an engineer from Germany working on projects in Japan. (Attack), Gigano Kofaru: Cherish discharges a very large crystal from her hands. During the Faudo Arc, they were forced into the Faudo cult by Riou, who placed a curse on Li-en that will kill her in four days if Wonrei does not help release Faudo. With the release of Rein's ultimate spell, they are defeated. He first appears to eliminate Braggo but is stopped in time by Ashuron and Riin Vise which during the ensuing fight, Ashuron sacrifice's himself to cause Clear Note to need to hide inside Gormu's pocket dimension for 10 months to recover. It is then revealed that Riou's bookkeeper is Banikis Gigo, who had been hiding in the mouth on Riou's chest, and that his powers are based on beasts spells, similar to the final spells of many Mamodo but in the forms of animals like lions. Assaulting Tia in the midst of one of Megumi's concerts, Zatch comes to her rescue by standing up to Maruss until both their bookkeepers arrive to fight the battle against him. (Assist/Attack). Each Mamodo needs a human partner in order to use his or her spell book, a book that seals the powers of the Mamodo. However, no other spells can be used during this time. The older of twin brothers of the King and Queen of the Mamodo World, Zeno is forced through a traumatic raising of his own, forcing himself to train for power due to not being born with their father's ultimate ability of Baō . Sugino also appears to know Zatch from the Mamodo world. Earth is one of the mamodo who appears to Zatch when his book becomes gold during the fight with Clear Note. Yet it isn't until Folgore arrives to help him out that Kanchomé is able to fight against it, awakening his third spell, Dika Poruk and using his giant illusion to wear him down and ultimately defeat him (albeit by throwing his book into a fire he himself started). (Attack), Diborudo Jii Gravidon - An enormous sphere of gravity. But when they all came to the human world, Maruss' obsession with the Mamodo Fight made him throw Tia overboard off his bookkeeper's ship, where she is found by Megumi, a famous Japanese pop idol, while shooting a music video. When Zatch and his allies appear hopeless fighting Demolt of the Four Surpreme Mamodo, she and Byonko finally turn against their master, with Penny destroying the sustaining Moon Stone assisting the enemy with her So Giaku while getting her book burned. Their ability is ice armor. Ganz Zegar: Kido fires a big metal fist with a pulverizing punch. Their element is gravity. Momon and Elle make friends with Zatch's group after this incident. Yet even as he finally discovers the true meaning of being strong, Kanchomé was soon eliminated from the tournament in a sacrificial move by Folgore to protect him from the evil Clear Note. The entire fight is seen in the anime, but the two are still beaten very easily. Ashield: Penny makes a water shield that absorbs electricity, Aku Supureido: Ashields's absorbed electricity is sent back, Oruda Akuron: Penny makes water whips that absorb electricity, Akur Kiroro: Penny shoots multiple water sickles, Akurga: Penny shoots a water beam that's better than Akur, Ganzu Akur: Penny fires multiple water balls, Shin So Giaku: A stronger So Giaku, but only appeared in Zatch's golden book. When Zeno finally had enough of Rodeux's failures, he manipulated the Faudo juice inside Rodeaux to make his body parts attack him. Whenever enemy spells hit the illusory giant, it actually just passes right through it, but clouds of smoke emerge from the hit spot, causing it to seem as though the spell connected but had no effect on "Kanchomé." By using his spell powers of trickery, Momon is able to easily subdue Tia in annoying ways that also allow him to look at her underwear. Baou Meru Meru Me: Blast of fire shoots from his mouth (Dreams Attack), Shudoruk - Ponygon gains an armored body and super speed. However, Kiyo chooses to adapt the abilities of the two remaining spells, the power-up Zaguruzemu and the trump card Bao Zakeruga, to finally defeat the tricky robot and his bookkeeper. (Attack), Dima Gunobion: Many snakes appear from Jedun's body. After the curse was lifted, he rejoined Zatch's group, but sacrificed his book defending the comatose Kiyo and Li-en from Unko Tin Tin. (Immobilization), Gigano Reis - A large gravity bullet is fired; stronger version of Reis. Zegar: A small cannon appears out of Kido's mouth and fires a beam of energy. Mamodo Battles, obviously focuses on the actual mamodo fights, and unless you’re familiar with the backstory to the Zatch Bell! Initially encountered fighting in Faudo's exterior, his battle with Zatch and Kanchome force the duck-billed Mamodo to awaken his fourth spell in order to fend him off prior to retreating. Mamodo Battles! Penny and Uri are a major enemy team during the "Milordo-Z" arc of the manga, particularly due to Penny's own feelings towards Zatch. (Attack), Rauzaruk - A rainbow-colored lightning bolt hits Zatch and temporarily increases his strength and speed. Later on he is forced to mature on his own in preparation to fight the evil Clear Note. They return and force a rematch after kidnapping Kiyo's friends, but they are defeated once more, although they manage to escape without getting their book burn. Garuk - Zabas flies really fast and can ricochet, Oru Wigar: Zabas shoots a blast of wind that he can control. In the Mamodo Battle, many mamodo possess abilities that are not spells that can be used freely by these mamodos any time they please. Mamodo Battles, is also responsible for Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3, which is more or less one of the best games out on the GameCube right now. Miriararu Poruk - Kanchomé creates an attack that fools his opponent into believing he's using one of their spells against them. Siding with a red-nosed director, he taunts all who fight him by annoyingly conducting his own version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". Play as Zeno and Dufort. (video game only), Jikerdor - An energy ball that magnetizes an opponent. Their abilities center around Martial Arts. Gigano Gadoruk: Baransha gains metallic armor, Okeruga: A more powerful version of Okeru (Video game only). Saikyou no mamonotach (JP:2004, WW: 2006) ... but when the spell is read he loses all control. This dragon is more snakelike, and has diamonds decorated on its body. Any projectile that hits it will be reflected, damaging the opponent with a combination of their own attack and lightning energy. Mamodo Battles GameCube at GameSpy - Check out the latest Zatch Bell! Nora Willy. He was treated horribly by his stepmother Yuno, and upon arriving on Earth, had his memory wiped by his jealous older brother Zeno. Brago was initially hostile toward the idea of a human partner, but he eventually discovered that he and Sherry make a powerful team; they have been known to defeat opponents within seconds. After gaining control of the massive mamodo, Zeno Bell places an electrical torture device on Cherish and forces her to do his bidding. The second game titled Zatch Bell! With the assistance of Zatch, Kiyo, and some newfound confidence from Kairu, Rein succeeds in driving away his assailants, at which point Zatch honors his request by burning his book. Mimiruo Mifanon: Spell which creates rings that divert other attacks. (outside his own attributes of being a womanizer and having an infamous song about such actions) Yet Folgore refused to tell his Mamodo about the truth of his own past, being a former cruel man who only wanted to be strong and who was even abandoned by his own parents, choosing only to play up his more jovial strengths. (Attack), Nyuuborutsu Ma Gravirei - A double-layered gravitational sphere, trapping one inside and drawing all objects within a radius towards it through the external sphere. Hello Everyone, Zatch bell is an amazing Anime Series of Japan which is based on the partnership of Mamodos and Humans. Zeburuk: Kido can detach his upper half from his lower half. Zaker - Attacks with a blast of lightning. While Tia's spells are never as strong offensively, her combination of healing and shield spells make her an invaluable ally as the Mamodo battles go on. Mamodo are known to have big jaws that allows them to eat fish in a matter of seconds. (Defense), Rond Radom - An energy whip that explodes on contact. (Attack), Jikirga: A stronger Jikir fired as a beam. (Attack), Gravidon - A ball of gravity that draws anything near it and explodes on contact. (and a paper mask over his one-eye to prevent anyone from seeing he is a true cyclops). Those of you who would like to see a clear explanation on how to use the controls in "Zatch Bell: Electric Arena" have come to the right place. Zatch Bell! Oru Dogurak - Powered-up Dogurak that can follow the opponent. Their spells are all Illusion and Transformation based. Mamodo Battles PlayStation 2 at GameSpy - Check out the latest Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles on Playstation 2 platform. Considering she remained in her disguise through the end of the anime, Nicole's gender remains unknown. Most male Mamodo eat giant yellow tail fish out of rivers like Zatch Bell And Brago, some eat Candy like ponygon and Kachome. Doruk - Gives Gofure rock armor and makes him charge forward, Dorsen - Turns Gofure's tail into rock and shoots spikes at the opponent, Book Burned: By Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine. Zeshield: An arm from the Gikor Ma Zegaruga deity is used as a shield (video game only). The mamodo battle it out and the last one standing is the mamodo king. Surprisingly, in the manga Jedun is shy and doesn't reveal to bookkepper Run that he can talk until he is sent back, while in the anime he doesn't show any shyness at all and instead acts ruthless. Encountering the ladybug-like Mamodo along the way, the two became best buddies and traveling partners. (Immobilization), Amu Guranaguru - Brago's arms are enhanced with gravitational force, allowing for a combination of physical attack and increased gravitational pull downwards from anyone hit. Working together as a team, Zeno and Dufort chose to pursue any actions that would either win the tournament or torment his little brother, including stealing his own memory in a forest in England and stealing control of the massive Faudo Tower for both victory and revenge. Emuru Akusu: Hougan's axe gets engulfed in flames, Gigano Emuru Akusu: A stronger Emuru Akusu, Book burned by: Ponygon and Sunbeam (Zeno and Dufort in the anime). Rein is one of the mamodo who appears to Zatch when his book becomes gold during the battle with Clear Note. Their ability is vortexes. (Immobilization), Saifogeo - Spell that creates a floating sword which heals a human or mamodo when struck by it. They are confronted by Brago and Sherry, and although Furigaro manages to mangle Brago's arm with his ultimate spell Lagikor Fang, Brago defeats them by blasting Gerhart at point-blank range with his Gigano Reis spell, instantly obliterating Furigaro's book. Gunobion: Jedun's hands transform into large snakes. (Japanese: 金色のガッシュ!! His main attack style is body molding, combined with a special rock-armor covering his entire body.