Instead the tied cards are considered "locked in battle". When a Once all the twos are removed, you remove the threes as they appear, then the fours, etc. The 9 captures the 7 and then there is a double war between the kings and 5's The process is repeated with each player selecting a second card, and then again with the third and last card. Card rank is as follows high to low (high always beats low): Ace, // --> The rank of the cards from high to low is K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-A. pmad('ocogphilipopy','whotmail.cowm'); If a war occurs and a player has no captured pile left and does not have enough cards for a normal war this example will show what happens; player 1 only has 2 cards left in her stack so she can only lay 1 card face down and flip the 2nd card face up. For more details, see War. Contributed by David Lewis The player with the highest-valued flip-up card of the battle wins all the cards on the table. There are many variations of this awesome game such as: Small Hearts, Royal Hearts, Queens, Rickety Kate, Partnership Hearts, Likha, Chinese Hearts, Booster Nines, 500 Hearts. The rank of the cards from high to low is K-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-A-Q. If your card is higher than your opponent's, your card is returned to your hand, and your opponent's card is placed in their dungeon. Upon playing a joker, all the cards in the playing field of the person who played the joker are immediately captured by the other player, including the joker itself. Between combat rounds, players may rearrange their remaining combat team cards before beginning another combat round based upon what they think their strategy should be. To play War, you need the following: Two players. The two jokers are the highest cards, followed by the aces, kings and so on down to two. This game is played like the traditional war game. (Ace is highest) Winner takes all other players card that were played. In this game,you don't go by the number of the cards unless there is an event of a tie. The winner of each round starts the next round by taking the top card of his or her stack and declaring whether to fold or play as before. After the same cards are turned up, the players need to play these three facedown cards from their pile and sometimes saying (W-A-R) and turn up the next card to decide to which player will win by all of the 10 cards. This is a variant of Steal War using jokers (54 cards in all), in which the aim is to get rid of cards rather than acquire them. This War variation for 3-5 players has a poker-like element of bluff. These captured cards are removed and placed at the bottom of the winner's stack. If the two cards flipped in a save duel are the same rank, a forced duel follows to decide the result. Reinforcements: if a player has three or four cards in the field after a battle, and will therefore have four for the next battle, the other player flips two cards face up instead of just one. // --> Variations. Hearts strategies and tips: The eight takes the six and the four, and on the next round P1's eight and six will both act as normal. P1's 10 and 6 remain in play for the next battle.