Haidar et al. The type of explosion protection of the equipment is to be suitable for the zone of use. In this system, big metal containers have number of small products filled in them. Once a conclusion is reached on a particular equipment selection, document a summary of the evaluation, the peer contenders, and three reasons the selected equipment was chosen. Select the least expensive material for the beam from Table 9.2. For example, owners typically desire brand names and advanced equipment that will integrate into their building system, but they want it to be inexpensive to buy and operate and easy to replace. By preventive maintenance, the equipment can be kept running thereby minimizing costly interruptions in the production schedule. Select realistic escalation rates for energy, labor, or equipment. Structures, safety guards, etc., may be repaired as per their conditions. Preventive maintenance is by far one of the best maintenance techniques suggested for material handling equipment. (i) Amount of care and maintenance required for the material handling equipment. ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Of those, five are subjective and one is objective because inexpensive typically correlates to a number. Material is loaded in the trailers (CH: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 14) which are attached to the towing tractor. Buckets or trays can be mounted on the endless chain running from the ground floor to the top floor. The selection of materials handling equipment requires the attaining of proper balance between the production problem, the capabilities of the equipment available, and the human element involved. Thanks for visiting my selection criteria examples page. To perform this, engineers must be able to specify the best equipment for a design as well as be subject matter experts on constructibility, operations, maintenance, human behavior, economics, and manufacturing. Maintenance of Material Handling Equipments 3. If the bearer of a hotel removes cups, plates and other crockery from a table by placing them in a tray, it is called material handling by unit loads. A gantry crane acts as an auxiliary to bridge crane. It requires financial sensitivity and analysis. Most of all, a good foundation in engineering is needed, along with common sense and the ability to understand how important these nuanced selections are to achieve many years of comfort, safety, and performance. The selection of equipment and design of the MHS can be done using four ways: by means of a traditional selection method, using an analytical model, by knowledge-based approaches, Hybrid approaches (analytical and knowledge based approaches). Proper due diligence is required before making any major equipment purchasing decisions. Industrial Engineering, Industries, Material Handling, Material Handling Equipment, Production. The belt material maybe rubber covered canvas, steel, plain fabric or woven wire (high temperature use). In many instances, an owner structures and selects engineering firms, architects, and contractors to satisfy first cost. Crane structure, buffers, rails, open gear transmission, pulley blocks, etc., may be replaced and various sub-mechanisms may be aligned and adjusted. Choose a realistic discount rate, relative to the owner’s approximate return on investment or cost of money. Gases, vapours, mists and dusts can all form explosive atmospheres with air. Rollers and belts are checked, adjusted^ repaired. The limited aspects chosen for evaluation in equipment selection can be applied to different design options, or simply different brand names of equipment. The repairable parts of the system, after inspection are corrected for small repairs and minor defects are rectified. The material can be transferred from one place to another along the beam. This diverse knowledge is necessary to create the roadmap for equipment evaluation. The Handbook of Chemical Process Equipment is a major reference on process equipment. The economics of equipment selection and replacement issues are dealt with in detail in later parts. Privacy Policy 9. It saves valuable floor space. A multitude of varying factors exist for every project and owner, including but not limited to: Every project is different, and equipment-selection aspects for evaluation must be specifically developed to meet each project’s unique needs and complexity. 2.3 Insulation and finish covering The following factors or principles should be considered while selecting the office machine and equipment. Vibrating slides transport materials up an incline also (cigarette factories). must be blended into the overall plan, with the ultimate objective of maximizing the productivity of each machine and minimizing handling. It can be as simple or complex as necessary, but regardless, it must be comprehensive. So would noise criterion levels or minimal interruption of the benefitted space trump costs? Components, worn out and beyond repair like belts, bearings, packings, oil seals, rollers, drums, fasteners, and couplings are replaced. Every material handling equipment possesses certain characteristics with respect to: In FORK LIFT TRUCK (see Fig. Chutes have sheet metal or roller base for transferring components down the incline. It requires an engineer to communicate efficiently and reinforce conclusions, and should result in ongoing collaboration with the owner to ensure desired attributes are captured. 2. Tractor train is very helpful in big industries. Equipment selection for a hard-rock mine typically begins with or soon after the planning parameters of the stoping operation is completed; therefore, equipment used for stoping should be suitably sized for the stope dimensions and the characteristics of the orebody. The type of production affects to a large extent the selection of the material handling equipment. When responding to selection criteria, answer each criterion in your own words, detailing your daily activities, skills and strengths in a clear, comprehensive and professional manner. Chutes generally feed parts (which they receive from, say sheet metal presses) to the conveyor which takes the parts to their destination. Unless a brand new plant is being designed, users decide to replace a pump because of its age and wear or persistent reliability issues. SESSION OBJECTIVES After the end of the session one should be able to understand the what is operating equipment, its requirements & criteria for selection. 3. Engineers are the subject matter experts that select based on the criterion to be evaluated, not only first cost. Content Guidelines 2. Preliminary Selection Considerations. In this role, he helps to de­velop and implement solutions to conserve energy, waste, and water; integrate gener­ation; and incorporate renewable energy. on them and the material can be stacked at the proper place, even very close to the roof. 1. Conversely, equipment selection for a mechanical engineer is as much an art of application as a science of technology. CRANES are employed for lifting and lowering bulky items and packages or cases. REQUIREMENTS & CRITERIA FOR SELECTION Quantity, Types and Quality . The following factors may be considered while selecting a material handling equipment: The size of material, its shape, weight, delicacy, nature (solid, liquid, gas) and its chances of getting damaged during handling, etc., should be considered. SELECTION CRITERIA 1. They are as follows: The material can be loaded in the trays automatically. This transforms subjective qualities of a project’s needs to numerical analysis, considered the "art" of the process. The chain has chain links which push the material forward. Plagiarism Prevention 5. These containers are placed on the truck or in the trailers which are pulled by tractors or trucks. Systems like open gear transmission, couplings, riveted, and bolted joints, trolley, brakes, guards, etc., may be repaired. Safety trumps style in the kitchen environment, so look for equipment that anticipates danger, then offers a solution. Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management, Essay on Material Handling | Industries | Production Management, Material Handling: Definition, Factors and Factors | Industries, Capital Structure of a Firm: Meaning, Essentials and Factors. For example, low ceiling heights may not permit stacking of palletized materials, weak roofs limit the use of overhead conveyors and steps between two floors will not allow trucks to operate. The key aspects that mechanical engineers need to consider in equipment selection are nuanced. Today, refinements to manufacturing, increasingly advanced controls, and changing end-user needs determine both the science of technology and the roster of equipment for selection. Forks can be lifted to the desired height along with the material (boxes, etc.) Safety First. Besides, the resale value, the replacement costs of existing equipment, and the salvage value associated with the equipment are also important. Linear algebra offers advanced means to reconcile huge interrelated equations, but equipment selection is best served by a simpler routine. Containerization uses principle of unit load. In multistorey plants, material is lifted up and transported by lifts. Reviewing the big list frequently while limiting the number of parties involved provides good perspective on overall priorities, and many synergetic criteria are actually met by coincidence. The time duration between two stages say (c) or (d) and (e) may range from 1 month to 6 months or even more, depending upon the type of material handling equipment and the time for which it has been used. Worn out or unworkable components like wire ropes, wheels, bearings, bolts, etc., are removed. cie45 proceedings, 28-30 october 2015, metz / france 1 maintenance strategy selection for medical equipments using fuzzy multiple criteria decision making approach The selection and application of a cable system should be based on correct selection of the type of cable arrangement required for the purpose. Disclaimer 8. In circumstances where others will be procuring, if options between equipment choices will still be made, it is important to rank two to five of the highest evaluated equipment, with short comments why. 2. Review of criteria for the selection of construction equipment Gravity conveyor is easy to set up as it does not involve any power drive. SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT . Initial screening of solutions IV Case study 9.1-Selecting a beam material for minimum cost II Their research work identified performance measure, technical, economic and strategic aspects as the evaluation criteria. They prove economical if the flow of material is continuous. MONORAIL is an I-section beam attached to the ceiling and having either a trolley or carrier moving along it. A large amount of technology in the current industry wasn’t around 10years ago. An excellent understanding of owners’ wants is required, in combination with a good network of experience and peers to draw upon, and a methodological system of scoring and evaluation. Brand equity is not so much a need as it is a method of ensuring a reputable warranty, parts availability, proven application, and a wide field of technicians able to service the equipment. The crane hook can move in a rectangular area (overhead bridge crane) or a circular area (jib crane). It is employed for intermittent type material handling in machine shop and other shops. This could be described as cool, quiet, unobtrusive, inexpensive, efficient, and low-maintenance; or three wants summarized in six needs. EMR9(2) selection of explosion protected equipment (EPE) Selection of EPE will always follow the area classification. Further, the selection of equipment may be governed by the availability or non-availability of trained manpower. They are not, as a rule, experts on any particular type of machinery. Traditional Selection Method 1. the designer relies principally on handbooks and experience 2. approach may not be cost-effective Analytical … Copyright 10. One factor in the Selection of branded equipment is the availability of replacement parts. Preventive maintenance also includes lubrication, adjustment, or repair while the equipment is still in a minor stage of defect. Both the right and left brain will be activated to achieve both the art and science of evaluating abstract conditions and technical applications. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Also ask for business references and for locations where the same is in use. It is supported from the ceiling and has a fixed path to travel. It is a fast and flexible equipment for floor to floor travel. Hence, this study aims to determine the factors that influence the sustainable selection of onsite construction equipment and machineries. To be assured that you are getting the best deal, you need to ask for more than one bid. It is on wheels and can be moved at the place of use. In addition, versatility of the equipment whether it can perform more than one function, the adaptability for future use and the interaction with other equipment also affect the selection of CE. The conveyor system is completely dismantled. Search Products And Discover New Innovations In Your Industry!! Pipe line conveyors are used for transporting granular (wheat) or pulverized materials (salt) through the pipes. Account Disable 12. A chain conveyor (Fig. 25.3) the forks are attached to a column on the truck. Therefore, there is no better arbitrator than the engineer to educate, evaluate, and recommend the selection of equipment that considers all aspects rather than only first cost. For example, items irregular in shape and liable to be damaged by crushing utilize a post pallet (See Fig: 25.34) whereas small jobs can be placed in wire mesh box (See Fig. Criteria for hearing protectors with good signal and speech audibility in general To find a simple criterion for selection of hearing protectors which perform well with regard to “signal audibility (general)”, “speech intelligibility”, and “perception of informative operating sound” the BIA explored several options using the BIA’s European hearing-protector database. The material handling equipment should be able to handle the maximum output. Regardless, the subjective or intangible wants should not be ignored because of difficulties in quantifying the value. HOIST may be mounted on a single rail. Couplings, packings, safety guards, steel structures, gear transmission, bearings, fastener joints, threaded components, etc., are adjusted or repaired as per their conditions. Chain conveyors are used in refrigeration industries for painting and plating of the refrigerator shells. Comparing alternative LCCAs for different potential equipment pieces is fast and routine, but the output is very telling. The biggest difficulty in evaluating so many characteristics in complex projects is the overwhelming degrees of freedom. Your goal should always be to get the maximum value for the lowest possible cost. An overhead bridge crane finds applications in most of the industries, making engines, compressors, pressure vessels, foundries, steel mills, etc. Use the process to drive the building blocks. The most advanced equipment is not a need, but quality is—and, unfortunately, sometimes top name brands include cheaper heat-transfer materials, unreliable bearings, or statistical quality control rather than start-up and test-inspection techniques. A vertical flow pattern will require elevators, conveyors, pipes etc., whereas horizontal flow pattern will need trucks, overhead bridge cranes, conveyors, etc. They transfer small jobs which can slide down under gravity. The best roadmap for what to consider, and how, results from the lifecycle cost analysis (LCCA) approach and its sum total of satisfying aspects. evaluation criteria for the selection of material handling equipment. 25.35). Selection of Material Handling Equipment 2. […] The ultimate aim is to arrive at the lowest cost per unit of material handled. This principle of unit load can also be explained like this. It finds applications in wire drawing and many other factories employing chemical cleaning of material, etc. Roller conveyors may be gravity aided or powered and are employed for transporting products having flat bottoms. Packages of hosiery goods, steel sheets, etc., can be transferred using gravity conveyors. Roller conveyors can move the material along straight or curved paths. Once identified from the project needs, key aspects an engineer should evaluate in equipment selection can be summarized in the simple math of weighted scoring, then mapped to money in LCCA, and reinforced for posterity in logic statements. The arrangement is such that the lifting mechanism (may be an electromagnet or a hook) lowers down for loading and unloading of the products. Similarly, a separate ground in the same conduit as the power conductors provides a better ground return path than a ground path via the equipment or building steel. While inexpensive is a want, the first cost or perhaps total cost of ownership is the need. The proper maintenance of material handling equipment is extremely essential for preventing the occurrence of bottlenecks or points of congestions. Production line flow can be maintained only if the material handling equipment is in the proper working order. Fork lift trucks are used for short distances (40 to 70 metres) travel and find indoor applications normally. The choice of a particular equipment depends upon the specific requirements or the conditions of an industry. For example, heat pumps are not very expensive to buy and install, but they do require invasive and time-consuming maintenance (versus a fan coil or variable air volume box); and they become loud and clunky over time. Hazardous area classification is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, Brakes are adjusted and lubrica­tion is provided wherever necessary. Classification. The typical pattern involves building owners and/or end users simply expressing their "wants," from robust to redundant to inexpensive. Factors or Criteria (Principles) considered for selection of office machines. Simple weighted scoring can potentially identify ideal equipment, and a LCCA can validate or re-evaluate that potential. Gravity or air flow moves the material ahead. There are few basic things that are considered in selection of suitable equipment. A wide variety of material handling equipment is in the market; some equipment are for general purpose use and others are of special purpose use. The buckets may be mounted on a chain or belt. Once prioritized, these rank as inexpensive, cool, quiet, efficient, low-maintenance, and unobtrusive. Image Guidelines 4. Selection of equipment also depends on engineering factors like door and ceiling dimensions, floor space, floor conditions and structural strength.