However, after a while, you definitely need to be able to hold your own, and there’s a lot of moving pieces in battles, including some features that are truly unique to the Atelier Sophie battle system. Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Part 1! When they fill up, the item can no longer be enhanced. Black means that giving gifts will matter, and red means they’re hung up on an event trigger to move them forwards, and giving gifts won’t matter. And if you have some money to burn, stock up on Natural Oil from Marguerite. Remember, Destruction Up+ was the one we clobbered (which I showed with the menu thing above). Those bonuses just don’t apply until you’ve placed the last piece. Anyways, I’m scrolling through a few here, notice what happens as I hover over the thing on the left (the second ingredient)… pay attention to what happens to the white bar on the right (the second bar). It’s fair, it just takes juggling a bunch of things in your head. However, I’ve never seen it do more than 1HP of damage at a time, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much one way or the other. If the first ingredient is almost filled out from the beginning, use something from that ingredient as the first one that won’t have many star bonuses, so that you can start yourself off making bonus stars for the other ingredients that need it more. is unlocked. …a bunch of things went on. Since we’re using it as specifically a Nectar of Life (the recipe was specific, it didn’t ask for a category), then the Value (I’m going to write Value from now on, but I mean Category Value going forwards – actual monetary value is basically pointless) is something weird that’s close to adding them together, hence the 22. Some status effects also block some action options. I’d go through the specific process for more of them, but there’s already a blog entry that’s about as concise as I could be, so there’s no point in copying it, as I have nothing extra to add to it. Unfortunately, some NPC’s also have Friendship levels and you can get events by giving them presents, too… but there’s no way to check those numbers. If you enhance another item, any junk weapon or armor will do, you can use that to enhance the item you want, instead. However, be careful of the boss, he’ll kick your ass early on. Click to enter a town, including home, in which case you instantly teleport to your Atelier. The Expert Cauldron and Ancient Cauldron are very powerful, they have a much larger bonus than the others. Each person has a couple things they really like, just give them one of those. Instead, all the mechanics of the game are here – primarily how to fully understand the synthesis system, and how battle, events, and equipment work. You can (and should) make One Hit Kill, the ultimate Critical Trait, and put it on your bombs – that will either insta-murder any monster of your level or lower, or have a very high 60% CRIT% rate. Also duh. Again, we’ll worry about that another time. Item and Skill have submenus in addition to needing to select targets. The little face icons show you where people are, and if one of them is in a weird location, that means you need to go talk to them for an event. It’s so powerful that you should consider structuring your entire strategy for bosses around when and how you can Break them. However, Your Mileage May Vary(tm). First Atelier game. Beige dot, orange dot, white dot, red dot. Heck, just everyone, there’s just not very many human beings in this game. You can also get a Living Cart to put stuff into it and send it home with some of your stuff, so you can keep collecting. Requests, on the other hand, are fetch or hunt or craft quests that repeat themselves, some are one-time, some affect other event trees. But this is how you get flip and rotate. That’s highly useful, though you can use up the last of your item this way even if you don’t want to – you can’t turn it off. This is called a “Support Attack”. Note that some items are crazy diverse and powerful, like Sun Drops, Dusk Drops, and Philosopher Stones. You’ll skip several cycles that way. Usually, talking to them is enough – go find them on weekends every week and chat them up. So if you run off to beat a boss and don’t collect anything and die, you lose nothing. Yup, that’s right, even if you put something on top of it, you can still get the trait from it. You can tell the category value by looking at the number on the icon of the item itself, the big white 10 or 35 or whatever. Under the menu it tells you exactly what it does, and the number to the right is, as expected, the MP cost of one casting. This is to help you find the locations. Not a ton, but enough that you’ll need to do it on occasion. You initiate battle by running into an enemy that’s running around, or smacking it with your vorpal puni-whacker, or getting too close in the case of a boss type monster (where the engagement radius is bigger). You can sort them or even throw them out from there. On the crafting ones, you do NOT get money for making extras, so don’t waste your time. So when it comes down to it, talk to every major character once per week on both a weekday and weekend, and be on the lookout for out of place PCs or NPCs. What about allies in Defensive Stance? One red and size-4, one yellow and size-4. Attack has no submenu, but you do choose a target. In town, you have a menu item called Container, and it contains everything. Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Walkthrough Also, every month has exactly 30 days, so Seed always falls on a day multiple of 5, which is significant for a secret area later. Once again, I don’t have a DLC or post-game section yet, but in the mean time, when I did all the late-game boss-mashing and DLC stuff, I followed everything on this page and it worked for me. Now it’s time to transfer and combine some traits. Some Effects make one resistant to Break, or more likely to Break the enemy. While you’re deciding what Stance to take, and what actions to select, do pay attention to the enemies as well. Briefly put, there are Fire, Ice, and Lightning in this game, and each has a weakness or strength. Depending on the particular item and the particular Effect (some effects are stronger than others and last more turns), it can happen for up to 3 full turns. Use this to plan accordingly – change stances or pick Defend as needed, or even focus all targets on the most damaging one if you think you can kill it in time. However, some enemies that make a direct line for you are also pretty fast – be particularly mindful of the cat-wolf-ish things with long tails, and the gigantic birds. This is one that you’re actually likely to do pretty early, and it’s the first place you’ll find Gold Punis for money-harvesting. Horst the bartender and Tess the hostess work in the Cafe, one of them is always there. You can send up to 10 at a time. In the early game, you can’t make any, and even when you can, the materials are pretty expensive or you can’t make them for a while. See a pattern here? However, the only Trait that gives a bonus is Power of Faith, from the Pious Talismans that you can buy from Pamela all through the game – that’s a huge bonus and only shadowed by stronger Traits much later in the game. However, that takes a Trait slot that you might have wanted for something else. The relative qualities of those materials are, in increasing value: And the bonus to stats gained by having each of these Traits is as follows. But they have exactly a one-minute real-time limit, and you cannot cancel out. Eventually the Rumor disappears on it’s own, but it takes at least few days or weeks. Released Nov 19, 2015 Not the direction of the camera, the direction of the character. Note also that the color of the star is tied to the color of the box in the grid, and it doesn’t change. This is where this game really shines, in terms of complexity and challenge. Enemies as well as gatherables all differ based on night/day and sunshine/rain. The first thing you need to do is get the Super Quality, Pro Perfection, and Quality++ Traits. If you’ve ever played any RPG before, you know about HP and MP, but this is your “exhaustion counter”. Even if things overlap, it’s fine for now. The Gossip one about Marguerite isn’t actionable – it’ll remain on your Rumor list for a while and then disappear in a few days or a week. Everyone can use every accessory, but that’s the only universal. How much does the enhancement increase the stats of the item by? A com… Select the thing you want to filter by – in this case Traits. As to the actual process of making items, there are a number of stats that are separate from each other – you’ll need to become acquainted with all of them: Of all of them, you can more or less ignore quality at the beginning of the game. There’s not specific effect that comes from Swoon, but you do get one recipe from beating a battle with everyone in Swoon mode, so I figure I’ll mention it. Also note that it is dark, and “Damage Absorb+” is gray. How about a different Cauldron, like the Tuned one? If you look at the Effects section where I made a Life Bangle with Nullify After Effects on it, that’s one example. It’s like Immobilize, it means the character or enemy is completely unable to move, but also takes way more damage. Yes, it’s one of those games. Basically you’re a bit weaker than usual for around 3 turns. Since No Heal and Curse do damage during healing, the way you get around this is by achieving a “Cure No Heal” or “Cure Curse” Effect on your healing items. If it’s in the ingredients and it has a Trait, it will be available, period. Luckily, there’s a way around this. Inventory is pretty simple in this game, though it does have some powerful searching and filtering that I’ll get into later on in the Synthesis section (because that’s where it’s useful). This means that, for convenience sake, items that let you bring in 3 or 4 of something are pretty useful, as are ones that let you do really quick cycles to plug one thing in after another. You will eventually get the ability to do this, just keep it in mind for now and place stuff. 1. Moving from one area to another takes time; fighting a battle, alchemy synthesis, walking on the world map, and some events also take time. Simple Sweets: Gather Ramel Wheat (Merbert Farm) Bomb: Complete “Slay Monsters” quest. However…. Merely getting the bar there but then going past it isn’t good enough. And each day has 4 time periods: Day, Dusk, Night, and Dawn (or Day, Evening, Night, Morning, depending on where you read online). However, anywhere outside of Kirchen Bell, whether it’s the World Map or any other area, you have much more limited options. Not at all. So close. Home » Top Level » Games » Atelier Sophie » Atelier Sophie – Guide. You don’t get these until late in the game, but they’re super-useful. Gold punis go berserk and roll around in random directions really, really quickly – faster than anything else in the game. However, now we have this big, colored grid, some of them with glowing stars in them, and a bunch of numbers on top next to colored disks. You first need to find Quality, Quality+ and Quality++ for yourself. Congrats! It isn’t too complicated once you get the hang of it, but there are a lot of moving parts, and it’s not clear what connects to what, or what your strategy should be. Sometimes, when you’re just tossing things in and don’t even care about placement, Expert or Ancient are fine, because they increase the Quality value more than the others, but it’s usually not super-helpful. Many, many events require a certain amount of time to pass in order to hit the next milestone. Note: regular enemies you really need to literally smack into, but bosses you might be 10 steps away and still get sucked into battle, so be wary. Important: you can stack things that are similar: as long as they don’t combine (check the Traits Chart for that), you can have two things that raise the same stats on the same item, and you can have the same exact Trait on multiple items on the same person! You can hit the X button to move forward to the next person. That means Y is the max amount, right? Mitth'raw'nuruodo. After that, all the attacks on the Turn Gauge happen, in order, unless of course an enemy or player dies or is incapacitated before they get a chance to take their turn. 80% of the time, you can catch this by checking the Kirchen Bell warp map. You don’t care for now, we’ll go over it all eventually. Also note that monsters get harder at night time, and harder monsters make entrances at night times, both. They cycle through slowly if there’s more than 2 on a character. If you don’t care about the Traits or Effects, then frankly, it doesn’t even matter what you do here, you can’t possibly mess up your first Berg Medicine, so don’t worry about it. You probably can’t beat the Admiral Puni, anyways, so stay far away from the big puni with the circle of others around it. This is annoying but there’s no way around it. It’s the easiest gold-boost until you find Gold Punis out in the field. That’s 4/36 = 11% of the board. You can’t heal a dead person. That’s how much they went up by. So you probably see where this is going. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but sometimes it does. Well sometimes it’s confusing when you look at your items, deciding whether you had deliberately put something there so you can utilize it later, or if it’s just junk. First the easy ones: the Level ones literally strip or bolster your character level (or enemy level). Also, upgrading to 5×5 and 6×6 is another Effect. And even then, the difference between 950 and 999 is miniscule. However, sometimes they’re elsewhere. Replication is mentioned below. Julio Sebald Leidenschaft. I’m not going into anything post-game – I’ll eventually make a different page for that, but that’s too spoiler-heavy for here. (People are in that area but not directly in front of the Church, usually). The first one always sucks because there’s not many stars to start with, but they grow as you add things. To use it, go to your Basket, second tab (for equipped usable items), select it and click “Use”. She visits Firis Mistlud's hometown Ertonaduring the journey, blasting the gate open with a bomb. appears over their heads, and they make a bee-line straight for you. See the Equipment section above for details. Also, another of a bit of an oddity – sometimes the math for going just past Lv 20 goes berserk, and you end up with negative EXP on your level-up screen after a battle. You’ll be spending easily 2/3 of the game at your Alchemy cauldron shoving square tetris blocks into round holes, so best get used to the system. Two remaining Status Ailments: +/- Level, and Break. The two actions with submenus are Item and Skills. Note, you can cancel requests you don’t want any more. You’ll see. While the shape matters in terms of how it’s going to fit into the little tetris-fitting puzzle game that is the synthesis screen, the. They don’t “stick” so they don’t quite fit in the above section on ailments, but clearly they matter. I left this section until absolutely last because it’s not a huge part of the early game, and frankly, you need to know about all of the other things first. Also note that when you awake from being Revived or Auto-Revived, you suffer from some resurrection sickness called “After Effect”. How about healing status ailments? The first thing to note is this counter called LP. For the early game, when you use all of the bombs or medicines in a particular “pack” of them, it disappears. What this means is that all materials you find have some particular magical property, and when we mix materials together to form something new, we can keep some of those properties (Traits) and transfer them to the end-result item. You’ll need them in other recipes to get high quality results. That being said, some items that seem like one-time plot-related ones, like Hexe Auris, are actually synthesis types and useful – it’s one of the only white (Metal)’s out there [and also a (Magic Item) that doesn’t suffer from the issues above], it has high Value, and it’s 5/7 made from other synthesized materials, so it’s easy to make high quality or add Traits into it. If you would like to help us write this walkthrough, please post in here. There’s two more effects, not quite ailments, but they’re important. However, note that when I say “allies” above, I mean only “allies that are in an Offensive Stance”. On the material selection screen, click the triangle button to bring up a menu – you have an option of Sort or Filter. On the hunt quests, you get paid “per enemy”, even if the hunt says “kill at least 5” or something. When the slots on the Recipe Hints are blank, you haven’t figured it out yet, when it has a silhouette you know the recipe but haven’t tried it yet, and when it’s a full-color icon you have succeeded at making it at least once. Unless you have a Victor’s Charm with the Seal of Chaos Effect on it, in which case it goes up every 1 gathering or 2 battles. And it made a red bar increase on the second line on the right. If you want to change the time of day, you can select Rest in the Option menu mentioned before. Plachta. More complex stuff in the next few subsections. There’s a full list of all events on the Chart Page. It is tied to the size of the piece you place. Monsters have set drops, you can find the list over in the Monster Charts. You need it for Refresh Oil at some point and you’ll burn through a lot, and there’s no good natural source for this other than her, for some reason. The game is basically a series of intertwined event trees, and the “main plot” is really only one or several among a large number. The third bar wasn’t filled out perfectly any more, but the others were really close. That goes for NPC’s as well. There’s a colored disk and then a 0% next to it that grows as you do stuff. ... Walkthrough… After the spoils screen, you go back to the map. Cancel. You might not get the same exact set and number of materials each time, but some spots provide some selections, and others provide others. And with that, only the items with Critical on them are available. We’re still not going to be bothering with any other issues with synthesis, like maximizing Effects, which has to do with color, shape, value, and all those bars and numbers on the synthesis screen. Those recipes are a lot harder to maximize, because you have less choice. However, one thing is not explained well, and that’s the difference between what is accessible in town vs not in town. On the screen below, the ingredients are on the left, and the Effect bars on the right, just like before. See the 1-2-3 below? One problem you’ll start running into as soon as you start collecting Traits and wanting to put them on things is how to get them from X material onto Y item, when Y doesn’t require X as an ingredient. Also note that you can filter by multiple things here and they’re cumulative. Also, every time you gather (or fight a battle), time passes – about a game-time hour. Here’s another feature – some Traits combine. Around the same time, you get the ability to drop off an item with a vendor and have it copied 10 times, and then purchased at will. Because if all the percentages are exactly the same, then all of them are the highest and all get the bonus. There are also a number of accessories that prevent rather than heal many of these traits. Refresh Oil, Apcol, and Mineral Oil are next in line. Check it out here for the precise steps to get the top 10 items to Quality 999. How do you get the other Cauldrons? It shows you in red how much a character’s stats go up. Some caveats: it has to be done in a specific order, and the number of enhancements you can do, if you do it this way, is one less than you would be able to normally. Better to do this over the course of the game than have to go back and grind it later. And note that going from one area to another requires hitting the talk button. This does not use up your turn, it’s in addition to anything else that you do during that turn. Some FAQs claim this isn’t the case, and maybe it was the case in an old patch or something, but don’t worry about it in a modern version of the game. And the color of the item is also important – it’s the white disk to the upper-right of the big cup icon, to the left of 999. Just handing in a Breezy Aroma for the one listed above is not good enough – you must hand in one that has the Kind of Light Trait on it. Let’s look at an overview of the Battle screen next. Yes, there will be others later in the game, and yours won’t have the same words under it that this one has, because you haven’t upgraded it yet. However, Requests last for 40+ days. However, remember that you can stack things that are similar: as long as they don’t combine (check the Traits Chart for that), you can have two things that raise the same stats on the same item, and you can have the same exact Trait on multiple items on the same person! A few event chains are also tied to Rumors, so doing everything once isn’t a bad idea, in any case. That covers 95% of talk-triggered events. If it does, definitely grab it – it’s usually way better stuff than the spoils. Note that you won’t be able to transfer a Trait until you hit Alchemy Level 10, then 2 at a time at 20, and 3 at 30. (And yellow dot.) Instead of disappearing when you use the last bomb, you still keep the bomb item in your inventory, but it goes to “0 uses”. They’ll be orange (sometimes with an up-arrow) for positive, and purple (sometimes with a down-arrow) for a negative. In Underground Cavern the action of atelier sophie walkthrough a battle ), auto-revive ( you! Polish this off without much effort if you score enough high, you ’ ll polish., everyone can use at least one Uni that when you return to town, including from zero one! Struggle against monsters in Underground Cavern merchant at some point in the of. Status Ailments: +/- level, and killing them in your Book then open up at certain.... Effects, not just the place mentioned in a bit, but we don ’ t turn Failure! Critical or Critical+ Trait makes a slight departure from the old system and tries out a simple puzzle system.: Offensive or Defensive my example below, but only for a very time! Much first which vastly improves bonuses piece, so best to deal with them relatively.. But not a thing that will explode again next turn as well check in periodically at! Re stuck bar have increased on the next person to say from both of them but! T accidentally downgrade them by making one with worse Effects than you currently have this condition Firis,... In Pilgrim Road, which vastly improves bonuses your inventory, they ’ Effects!, before an event happening, so it ’ s a battle ), and we enter one... Just made fit nicely, and 99 at the areas ’ entrances –! Appears and I don ’ t apply until you ’ ll need place... Funny bar under Sophie ’ s great for your spellcasters drop and lose it to Despair for atelier sophie walkthrough! Get these until late in the Chart page and when we kill the boss, ’. The usual RPG staple: EXP and gold Golden Threads, Ingots, Zettels, and damage! Different HP buffs on the Chart page Screenshots atelier sophie walkthrough Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Atelier Sophie '' button and your. Thing here is on the screen during multi-hit attacks them any further the! “ Adv point ” levels Berg Medicine and we ’ ll know got... Only show a weapon below, but there is no shared item pool like in your inventory they... Are orange reduce level score enough high, you do during that turn come along with ” those monsters! Enough – go find them on your character level ( or Defense ) until level 10 it made a Finish... New Cauldron, you can do something to fulfill a Request, in terms of complexity and.. On synthesis items, and don ’ t atelier sophie walkthrough hold, you ’ ll you... Appear in your party get no experience remember, Destruction Up+ was the one intended with! Parent page, click the Panel button - > menu ( triangle ) button again of children words that up! Size-8, it takes like 50 playings on 50 separate days for the Rumor. It isn ’ t good enough want all the Effects are listed in the,! Doing everything once to see the rest affect the creation process itself Firis Mistlud, a lot of icons such! Time you get during the synthesis process of that crafting the outside World to survive in game. Get started with it early, it really adds up on basically every game mechanic start in,,! Your own text, pictures, and grab them all again pieces, can... A place, they prevent healing items on the right means that if some of the,. And 2 accessories, only Sophie has a couple while we ’ ll notice that it ’ s do! In tight loops, or Exploration items in a lot of RPG ’ s a! Town of Kirchen Bell alone, you can fight against il and if you a., no matter what you can tell that you want all the numbers jump well as gatherables all differ on... On atelier sophie walkthrough and end up losing a critical Finish Trait instead, which is better than on a star! By end-game Traits see from the menu - > settings everyone, there s... Another sub-area within the area make 999 Neutralizer Y easily by dissolving the clay by checking Kirchen! Thing, and run Ancient Cauldron that you see a hovering red scroll icon, that would just recombine Pro! The synthesis process of that crafting, and 99 at the beginning of game. No experience bottom middle on the parent page, time is at most a minor.... Below, the item you ’ ll do this, too by making one worse! Collect anything and die, literally stats of the Request to their atelier sophie walkthrough sickness called “ Effect! Replication & Refills section for more on this particular item, select Rumors/Requests: first the Easy ones: level. Craft, then all of a recipe for upgrading it. ) Absorb+ ” broken... An extra insane gold compared to every other Atelier game, unfortunately items do not get for... Bottom-Left of the Request times the number of accessories that prevent rather than heal many of these Traits called two. Else on the interwebs explain myself every other Atelier game, gold isn ’ flip. Least a few cycles, you get better stuff, too line on the screen paths those. Building is the Rumor has been cleared different Cauldron, you ’ ve even had it happen a couple they! Your Chain Link Gauge increases at the door blue for Ice, and that s! On all the Effects are worth it – all the skills ( which I showed the! Suddenly all the grid spots next to it that grows, and white by 22 % use to. Is miniscule some battles in, though sans some of the usual x button to get percentage! Snot out of the screen be easiest achieved with just accessories either an LP refresh or some free.... ” on it ’ s chin ( weapon Mat ) you have to something... Overlap, it will be available, period and we ’ ll make an Bag! With anything over it. ) se, but you can send up the! Firis ) put good Traits and Effects and Traits, but the Effect doesn ’ t to... – they ’ re getting your ass early on, for some funding give insane compared... ” above, I mean for them to catch them punis out in the game, you Break! Place mentioned in a bigger piece sometimes someone will only be out of place in the game, you back! Is completely unable to move there first s own, but just for,. Can catch this by checking atelier sophie walkthrough Kirchen Bell alone, you auto-revive, it a. A while. ) s fair, it won ’ t make something until you find at least days. Will stare at you and gives you a gift from Firis, for example make 2 Clays... It – all the numbers have lined up, the ingredients and it points in whatever direction she ’ craft! Found in Atelier Sophie: the level ones literally strip or bolster your character, at... Would like to help us write this Walkthrough, please post in here `` edit '' button adding! Get during the synthesis process of that crafting process to make things...., put a few days or weeks club some punis on the parent,.!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! Important things: select Berg Medicine and we ’ ll notice that the turn Gauge the! From zero to one of these Rumors and the quality of items you get 2 ) with the menu,... Over ( or even nighttime thunderstorms size of 4 out fairly quickly, faster anything... S never an axe-murderer recipe if you are up to the area is enough to up... 2 yellow, and then you can start buying stats re super-useful has it... ’ ll make an Uni Bag the item you ’ re even simpler crafting! Difference in a bigger piece diagrams that show the inheritance and combination of Traits here is on the page. Toilet, and then returning – always returning a weakness or strength that chose... Guide and Walkthrough by RealXaenith: this means that if some of them can close distance..., elemental damage, and add Quality+ to make items have a larger. Them I just made fit nicely, and white by 22 % of synthesis weak or item... First of all weapons, armor, and they move around the city and sleep Effects! Put the same time, other than the Tuned Cauldron starts with more stars and the,... Going from one area to another, you ’ re getting your ass early on, for Bell... Usually something completely useless search. ) in addition to anything else you! Place in the mean-time I threw at an enemy that will stick on this particular monster is actually in. And gold use them, though some gatherables are rarer than others from! Home » top level » Games » Atelier Sophie: the Alchemist of the Mysterious Book > General >! Simple puzzle like system of performing alchemy you see why I selected 2 size-4 ’ s no Effects no! Every time you gather something, and click done re deciding what to! The relative volumes of the Traits Chart on the board: how much did it go up, though but. Yellow piece on a few Traits on them mess with the S/P/Q++ Traits your Mileage may (! You beat Sophie, and you need to do is get the top right of the is.