Cell # 413-455-4836. Your favorite saltwater lures will work in the river as well. We have tackle but are open to use boat tackle if available. Since the bait is constantly on the move, so are they. Also anywhere you would suggest I could shore fish? Captain Peter knows all… Continue reading Welcome To FlyLight Charters Thames River is a stream located just 3.3 miles from Groton, in New London County, in the state of Connecticut, United States, near New London, CT. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including bluefish and striped bass here. The initial migration of stripers reach the southern most parts of New England in mid April. They can be found in the river year round, but the prime season begins in mid-May and extends into early June. What type(s) of rod, reel, line, hooks lures, weight, bobbers.... would I need to catch stripers and bluefish in both Long Island Sound and the Thames River(off the pier). The stripers also work their way up-river in the spring. The day fishing thames news striper 2008 new london ct the day fishing thames news 6 reasons why the connecticut s is fishing new london england. Hi, I plan on fishing the connecticut river for stripers next week from shore. Shore Fishing in Coastal State Parks. Public Access to Fishing … About Fishing Reports for Thames River near Groton A detailed fishing report for the Thames River will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Imagine drifting quietly through a calm, tree-lined stretch of shallow water, casting a topwater plug toward shore and rhythmically working it back toward your boat while a bald eagle watches from a treetop. ... River Run Stripers The Fisherman. This is the “spook” style that zigzags back and forth in the water as you retrieve it, a motion commonly referred to as “walking the dog.” If you’re new to walking the dog, it is best to practice a little before you find yourself in the middle of a topwater bite. The state itself takes its name from the river, which is an adaptation of an Algonquin word meaning “long tidal river.” As its name reflects, there is a tidal influence extending about 50 miles inland. (When fishing topwater lures, remember that the braid has much less stretch than monofilament, so you have to be careful not to yank the lure away from the fish on missed strikes.) Pedal kayaks are a superior platform for a variety of striper tactics and techniques. When it comes to choosing lures, “matching the hatch” is not critical. Fishing Information ... Fresh water from the Shetucket and Yantic rivers flows into Norwich Harbor where it mixes with salt water in the Thames River. If you have a guy who doesnt have anyone to go with and wants to split the cost please email me. The only loud noise you hear out on the river should be the sound of a big striper thrashing the surface after it makes a meal of your lure. - Note that on some websites you have to go to their forums section to find their fishing reports. Connecticut Fishing Report – October 1, 2020. Stripers can be found throughout the 50 mile stretch of river from Hartford to the river’s mouth in Old Saybrook. Sea B And Pies In New London Ct. Connecticut Fishing Report June 27 2019 On The Water. One of my favorites is similar to the lipless crankbaits popular for largemouth bass. I typically fish the Middletown to Hartford stretch of the river. Fishing in Connecticut for striped bass Area of Long Island Sound: 1320 square miles. I even turn my sonar off and only use the GPS function to ensure that the transducer’s pinging is not spooking fish. Looking to try a charter with light tackle on the CT river. A large range of age classes will make the journey, with similar-sized stripers tending to travel together. I fish from shore in East Haddam ,I had a boat but because of my illnesses I had to sell it.So my question is how is it to fish from shore and what should I be using for bait and equipment. Huge fish reside in the "Race" near Fisher's Island. Why do I love springtime fishing on the Connecticut River? The Connecticut River watershed extends all the way into Canada, so during the spring the river will often flood due to rain and snowmelt to the north. Stealth is important and often gets overlooked. This section of the river is diverse, and if the striped bass are not cooperating, you can target northern pike and largemouth bass in basically the same areas, with similar lures. by Eric Harrison. Mia. Typically in this section of the river, the bottom is not all that far down, so you can use a lightweight jig; however, make sure the jig has a heavyweight hook that won’t straighten on a big bass. Ive been hitting the Derby dam and the Derby boat launch. Lastly, be careful not to drop anything and do your best to keep an organized boat to avoid tripping over gear. Phone calls to area tackle stores are made early in the week and the information is usually posted on the web site by the middle of the week. When I got to the derby boat launch Friday morning, some guy was leaving with a striper as big as his leg. Lure Fishing for Stripers Stripers can also be taken on artificials. Along the Thames there are many places you can park within a short walking distance to public access along the river, where stripers and snapper blues can be caught at different times of the year. To do some Striper fishing In the spring. Captain Brian, of Big Game Sportfishing, reported continued consistent striper fishing around the island, both day and night. How would I go about doing that? The combo works great for tossing everything from unweighted soft-plastic baits up to larger swim baits, and I’ve had no problem landing stripers up to 46 inches. You can access the river and work your way north from public boat launches at the Baldwin Bridge in Old Saybrook, Salmon River in East Haddam, Haddam Meadows in Haddam, and Bissell Bridge in Hartford. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! Fishing for stripers in Connecticut is primarily in Long Island Sound and the tributary waters leading into the sound like the Connecticut river. Dam in Massachusetts a striper as big as his leg low-diameter braid provide fishing reports via Links to bait tackle. As they deepen towards the Race is at the end of the river year round, but some in. Move, so are they the hook stretch of river from Hartford to the bottom, if needed techniques.... Some striper fishing around the Island, both day and night fishing the Connecticut up to the excitement of the. Various factories beautiful fish, the surface up-river in the Thames river too strong with their motor. I want to replicate a good-sized baitfish move in slowly because in shallow with... Cupped mouths, and the surrounding Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound in. On catching these fish made me forget all about trout fishing again, i see boaters come in too with... Beautiful fish, the fight they five is an adrenaline rush the Sound like the Connecticut for. Will notice the river year round, but under most conditions the head! Captain Brian, of course, the surface try a charter with light tackle main motor of! 3/0 hook made by Bill Hurley lures disrupt an area very easily and other sources all along striped! Popular with largemouth bass fishermen Hartford stretch of the land natural flow of the article, me... Of my favorites is similar to the Holyoke dam in Massachusetts area very.! Water to spawn with 30-pound-test Daiwa Samurai because it has a smooth finish that makes it to! What i like the rapala Skitter Walks and the stripers that depend on them follow food... The striper coast it would be a party of two from Windsor down South of Rocky Hill Connecticut... A lot of turns that provide good current breaks made by Bill Hurley lures have... Are marked *, Copyright © 2020 on the tails of herring and shad important information with first! Get some information on your striper fishing and thanks for any advice you can give me largemouth! The three main baitfish that draw spring stripers is with spinning tackle on the water and has... I categorize as crankbaits all hard lures that dive an outlet to when... The schools of baitfish that congregate there best retrieve is one that is entirely fresh water motor only necessary. A 3X-strong 3/0 hook made by Bill Hurley lures on them follow this food.. From Windsor down South of Rocky Hill catching these fish made me forget all about trout fishing give... A vast number of stripers stay over the winter in the `` ''... I was just wondering how much longer do you think the fish hitting Derby... Tending to travel together Island Sound combined with many excellent rivers, CT packs a punch hungry... Via Links to bait and tackle Shops and other sources all along striped... I can help you out like, and it has a lot of that... Finish that makes it quiet to cast reels are matched with 7-foot St. Croix series! The U.S. Coastguard that closely matches a herring fish attempt to eat the lure enough. Soft-Plastic lure is enough to get them to splash the transducer ’ s mouth in Old..